Industries Served

Carbon Age has worked on a number of projects that reflect our capabilities that we bring to our projects. Please enjoy these links to our project portfolios as well as selected project photos for further information.

Off Road Wheelchair
One of our clients had requested last year for the design and construction of an art car/prototype off-road wheelchair through Freeside Atlanta, a local hackerspace she is a part of and had brought us on board to develop the project. She has trouble walking on uneven terrain so money was raised for this project so she could go to outdoor art shows and Alchemy, a Burning Man-like event held here in Georgia. This proof-of-concept prototype is currently in possession of the hackerspace that commissioned it while the concept is being revised and complete rebuilt to make it quieter, faster, safer, and a more comfortable ride.



This piece is a small aluminum medal version of our company logo. It is about 2″ across and we made it to have an easily portable sample to show the precision of our machining capacity when we visit conventions and trade shows.

Personal temperature Control Vest
To solve the issue of both the high temperatures in the workspace, especially here in the south during summer, and the bulky nature of existing cooling vests and small air conditioning units, we developed a lite wearable cooling system. Our vest has a built in pump and heat exchanger with a panel to quickly change out the cooling packs or to run off ice if needed. This unit has the primary advantages over its main competitor in that all the units parts are in the vest, not tethered to a cooler. It also can be set to automatically activate when the skin or ambient temperature is in the programmed range and when using the reactive cooling packs. Another feature is that our vest can function as a light heating vest by a simple swap of the cooling media to a hot pack. Our intended audience for this system is to welders, police/military for under armor use, and others who need to be in high mobility or confined spaces where being tethered to a cooler is not an option. We also have a version for joggers and a pet version in the works.

We have several current projects we will soon be adding to here as we continue the site revisions, splitting this section into sub-division by industry served.